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Energy Management

Verdant’s energy management thermostats combine smart occupancy sensors with patented software features to reduce energy consumption when rooms are unoccupied yet will never compromise the comfort of your guest. Simple to install and connect to your existing guest room PTAC or other HVAC units with both a wired and wireless option you will be up and running in just a few minutes and start saving on energy cost immediately.

Verdant Energy Management Thermostats can even be controlled over a network using just a simple on-line connection kit which connects to your internet router but does not interfere with your guest Wi-Fi connection. Managing and Controlling your guest room heating and cooling costs is just one of several benefits of this state of the art system. Allowing your housekeeping staff to check if rooms are occupied, automatic emails alerting you of faulty equipment in specific rooms and a full array of many other features and benefits. 

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