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GE Zoneline

The GE Zoneline® PTAC began making its way into hotels and motels across the country, changing the face of comfort on the road. Now, over 50 years later, GE Zoneline has been reinvented in Louisville, Kentucky, to meet the changing needs of America’s hotel industry. The newest GE Zoneline PTACs are engineered to be more reliable, efficient, quieter and incredibly easy to install and maintain. Available in multiple BTU sizes with electric heat and heat pump options you are sure to find a GE Zoneline that meets your specific needs. 

Please note wall sleeves, exterior grilles, drain kits are optional accessories. Replacement units will fit most 42x16 wall sleeves by competing brands. Please be sure to select the proper voltage and power cord type that matches your existing outlet receptacles. Due to regional restrictions we can only ship our GE Zoneline products in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions.