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Hotel Room Too Quiet For Some

Posted by The LodgeMart Blogger on 1st Feb 2020

You would think that a quiet hotel room is what your guests expect. In many cases it is but research shows there are many people who sleep with a fan or some sort of white noise sound machine at home. When these people travel staying in a hotel room that is too quiet is actually an issue because they don't get the same good night sleep they would at home. That's why a new product called "Snooz" makes great sense. 

Snooz is a little device very similar to a sound machine except is actually uses a real fan that makes the sound of a fan but doesn't move air. Most white noise machines today mimic the sound of a fan which does not sound natural. Unlike smart phone apps which rely on looping tracks the Snooze machine helps you fall asleep to a natural soothing sound of moving air. 

The Snooze is great amenity for many hotel rooms as it can be placed on the nightstand or dresser and your light sleeping guests will love it.  It sells for just $79 each and comes in a choice of 2 colors and you can buy it here